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Traditional bathtubs are not accessible for everyone, which means that some people do not have the ability to get into one, get out of one, or even use it comfortably and safely. There are a couple of reasons why this is true. First of all, the most commonly discussed reason that traditional bathtubs are not accessible to all people, specifically the elderly and those with limited mobility, is that the walls are too high. In order to get in, a person needs to lift their legs over the edge and then lower themselves down, and for many people, that is impossible to do safely and on their own.

However, the tall walls are not the only reason that traditional bathtubs are not accessible. One of the other big reasons that traditional bathtubs do not work for everyone is that once you get in, you are required to sit in a reclined or laid back position. For a lot of people with muscle aches or pains, that position is not easy to get into or get out of, and furthermore, it is not always comfortable to sit like that. Because of this, people might need extra support while they are taking a bath. On the other hand, most walk-in tubs allow the user to be fully submerged while sitting up comfortably. Here at Southern Stairlifts we sell and install walk-in tubs for the elderly and for residents that simply want to make their lives easier when bathing.

Some people are more likely to slip, fall, or have an accident than others. There are different features that can make this significantly less likely to occur, such as grab bars and textured surfaces, but unfortunately, traditional bathtubs do not tend to have these kinds of features, nor is it easy or convenient or sometimes even possible to have these features added.

It can be hard for people who value independence to ask for or admit that they need help, and even once they do, living that way is not enjoyable. The good news is, traditional bathtubs are no longer the only option. If you are ready to have your independence back in regards to taking a bath by yourself and relaxing, then it’s time to contact us.

How To Hire The Best Walk In Tub Installation Company

There are some people that have the knowledge and skills required to install a walk-in tub on their own, or they have someone close to them who is able to install the walk-in tub for them. The knowledge and skills necessary include things like carpentry, plumbing, tile work, and even sometimes, electricity. However, it is a better idea for most people to hire a professional installer to put in the walk-in tub. If for whatever reason, the tub is not put in correctly, you risk getting injured or dealing with some pretty serious water damage. The water damage could end up significantly more expensive than the original cost to hire a professional installer.

On the day of the installation, you can expect the walk-in tub installers to be there for 6 to 8 hours in total. Of course, the time it takes depends a lot on how much work they have to do to get the tub ready for installation. If they have to cut into a wall, change any major plumbing, do anything with electricity, or redo any tile, it may take longer. However, if it is a really straightforward and easy installation, it also could be shorter.

The first thing that the walk-in tub installers will do is take out your current bathtub. After the bathtub has been removed, they can move on to make any changes that they need to make, such as cutting into a wall, building any platforms, removing or adding tile, or making any major plumbing or electricity changes. It is only after they are done with those things that they will start installing the walk-in tub. The final installation process is fairly straightforward. They install it, make sure all the pipes are properly attached, seal it up, clean up, and then they are done.

What Makes a Walk-in Tub Safe?

After getting their independence back, the most common reason people get walk-in bathtubs is that they are safer than traditional tubs, especially for the elderly and people with mobility problems. But what exactly makes walk-in bathtubs so much safer than traditional bathtubs?

Well, one of the main reasons walk-in bathtubs are so safe is the fact that there is a door which allows the walls to be significantly taller than the walls of a traditional bathtub. Typically the walls of walk-in bathtubs are between 37 and 47 inches. This height allows for a seat in the tub that the person can use without risking injury like they might in a traditional bathtub. Additionally, the wall height makes it less likely that a person who has limited mobility will fall out.

Mobility equipment supplier and Bathroom Remodeler
Mobility equipment supplier and Bathroom Remodeler

The second biggest safety benefit of a walk-in bathtub is the textured floor. It is pretty standard for a walk-in bathtub to have at least the floor surface textured, and usually, the seat and even the sometimes walls will have a textured surface as well. This textured surface allows for more traction and therefore prevents slipping. With less risk of slipping, a person is better able to get into the tub, relax or bathe safely, and get out of the tub independently.

It is also pretty standard for walk-in bathtubs to have one, if not two, grab bars. Grab bars give a person more stability while moving around and gives the person something to grab onto if they start to fall. Even if the walk-in tub you buy does not have grab bars already installed, they are pretty much all designed so that it is easy to install one or more grab bars.

The final major safety feature that is standard with walk-in is an anti-scald valve. With bathtubs, it is a fairly common problem that sudden pressure changes can cause pretty extreme temperature changes with both the cold and hot water lines. The sudden change can cause a person to jump and/or injure themselves, especially if that person is elderly. Anti-scald valves prevent this problem from occurring by preventing any major changes in water temperature.


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