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Do you or a loved one have trouble going up and down the stairs at home? Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer worry about slipping and falling when trying to climb the staircase at home? As your local stairlift installer near me, Southern Stairlift has been providing those in need with home access stairlift solutions that are designed to keep you in your home longer and much safer. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having a stairlift installed in your home.

Stairlifts are really simple devices that are made of two main components. The first is a track and the second is a chair. Stairlifts can go on almost any type of staircase. There are tracks that turn, tracks that curve, and traps that work outdoors. There are also tons of different seat options. All depending on what you need, you can get seats at different speeds, seats that swivel, seats that include armrests, seats that include footrests, and more. No matter what your needs are, there is a stairlift that will work for you and give back your independence and mobility.

Don’t worry, stairlifts are perfectly safe. In fact, they will actually make you safer. The majority of stairlifts come with safety features such as seat belts and obstruction detection. That means that you don’t need to worry about falling off or any other safety concerns. For many people with different mobility issues, a stairlift is significantly safer than trying to walk up the stairs on their own, which could lead to falling or a number of other significant problems.


If you’re ready to get independence back in your own home, it may be time to consider having a stairlift installed. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get up and back down stairs without any problems? Contact us today to get an estimate and to see our stairlift options.

Professional Stairlift Installation

While some people may choose to install their stairlift on their own or without a professional, that is not recommended. If a stairlift is improperly installed, it can be extremely dangerous for the person on the stairlift, a person also on the stairs, or a person at the bottom of the stairs. It could also do some pretty major damage to the wall if it comes out because it was improperly installed. The cost of dealing with these problems will far exceed the cost of having a professional install it.

When you have a stairlift professionally installed, you can expect the installers to take 3 to 6 hours to get it fully installed and ready to use. This is a big range because it depends on your staircase. Shorter and straight staircases will take significantly less time than a staircase that requires a curved stairlift.

Besides being confident that your stairlift is properly and safely installed when you have a professional install your stairlift, you can expect them to show you how to operate it safely. As you can see, the added safety of having a professional install your stairlift and show you how to safely use it is well worth the cost.

After the stairlift is installed, there will be some maintenance that you do have to keep up with. Most of this maintenance you can do yourself, but you may want to pay someone to come and check it out every once in a while. You need to clean the chair and the track on a regular basis, which you can do entirely by yourself. You also want to check the chair periodically for loose screws, nuts, or bolts and have them tightened if necessary.

What Makes a Stairlift the Right Option to Gain Back Your Independence?

With so many different options out there, you may be wondering what is so great about a stairlift. Well, there are numerous benefits to stairlifts; below, we will go over some of the biggest ones.

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Are you or a loved one ready to talk to a certified stairlift company? For over 20 years Southern Stairlifts serves those looking to stay in their home longer and much safer by offering the best mobility stairlift equipment. Our most popular model we offer is the acorn stairlift however we do carrot other select models such brooks and ameriglide to name a few.

All of the stairlifts are customizable to fit any size staircase including curved, outdoor, and straight staircases. To learn more about our affordable financing and free in-home estimates call us today and speak with a member of our team.

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