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Stairlifts For Narrow Stairs – Things You Need To Know

In a home when people have difficulty getting up and down the steps, a stairlift makes a great addition. They will be able to get from one floor to the next without any problems. Since it is also a great way to transport things to the next floor, it’s like having an elevator to use.

People really appreciate stairlifts because even with narrow stairs, they will enjoy the benefits of having one. It will make their life so much easier and their home will be more accessible for them. Once people have a stairlift, it’s hard for them to imagine being without it. They really appreciate it.

What Companies Make Stairlifts For Narrow Stairs

There are several companies that make stairlifts for narrow stairs. They are made for smaller spaces and they work very well to help people that need them. Here are three that are recommended for homes with narrow stairs. 

Handicare Freecurve

This is an excellent model for narrow stairs. People love that it’s easy to use and that it folds up neatly and nicely. They use it to transport items from one floor to another without having to carry them. This model is affordable for most people due to the payment options the company has. They can set up a payment plan so that they can get the stairlift in their home to make it so much easier.

Stannah Scout

When people buy the Stannah Scout, they are more than pleased with the final results. They find that it’s easy to care for and it fits nicely in their home. When they are finished using it, they fold it so that other people can get up and down the stairs easily. It’s reasonably priced and many people find that they are able to fit it into their budget.

101 Pinnacle Straight Stairlift

Another great choice is the 101 Pinnacle Straight Stairlift. Using this model is great for people that are aging or that have a difficult time using stairs. This company backs their products and is there for customers to ask any questions that they might have. Should they have any problems or issues with their stairlift, they will be resolved quickly and easily.

What Is The Minimum Width For a Stair Lift

29 inches wide is the minimum width that a stairlift can be made to. Anything that is narrower than this will not meet the safety standards. This can be dangerous for people to use. When a person is getting a stairlift, they should listen to the recommendations of the company that they are going through. 

The stairlift manufacturer will have a representative come to a customer’s home to measure the space for the stairlift. They will discuss the situation openly and honestly. Since the customer’s questions will be answered, they will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase it.

Is It More Expensive To Install a Stairlift On Narrow Stairs?

Stairlifts can cost between $3,000 to $5,000. Narrow stairs will not be more expensive to have a stairlift installed. A person should discuss the costs with the provider. They will receive a free quote so that they can consider the costs and the benefits before they make an informed decision to purchase the stairlift. 

Can A Stairlift Fold To Safe Space?

Yes, the stairlift, armrests, and footrests all fold up. This makes the stairs free to go up and down them if a person feels that this is necessary. For people that have other people living in the home, this is ideal. It’s safe to use and also fold up and it’s also easy to care for.


Having a stairlift for narrow steps can dramatically change a person’s life for the better. It will really improve the quality of their life. They will want to talk to a company that they trust so that they can get the best work possible. 

By choosing the right stairlift for narrow steps in their home, they are sure to have more confidence in the way that they are able to live. The stairlift for narrow steps will give them the ability to live a better life than they could before they had it.