Southern Stairlifts

Frequently Asked Stairlift Questions:

Our heavy duty stairlifts are built sturdy, so you can ride with confidence. The maximum weight capacity for most stairlifts is up to 350 lbs. They usually last between 7-10 years, but some models have lasted for 15-20 years.

There is a large market for second hand stairlifts and there is a number of potential buyers who would be interested in buying your used stairlift to save money.

Stairlifts can be a phenomenal tax deduction. If your doctor prescribes one for you, it will definitely qualify as medically necessary and is therefore completely deductible at the end of the year!

Yes! There are different types of stairlifts that fit narrow or curved flights of stairs and all come with many options.

Unfortunately, standard health insurance policies and Medicare will not typically cover the purchase or installation of a stair lift. The good news is that there are other funding options available to you if these prices are out of your budget such as Medicaid for those who meet certain requirements based on their income level.

Renting a stairlift is an option if you need it temporarily or if renting is better for your circumstances. It’s good for when someone needs to move in or out of the house, but want something temporary that isn’t permanent.

Stairlifts can go around corners easily. We will make sure your home’s stairs are optimized for the perfect match of safety, function, and style.