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Are you or a loved one faced with mobility issues that limit full access to your home? Do you have concerns about slips and falls getting into and out of your bathtub? Schedule a call with us today to learn more about our stairlift solutions to keep you safe and comfortable in the home you love. 

Stairs are tricky. But we’ve got you covered! We have a variety of products to help ensure that your loved ones can maintain their mobility while they stay in the home they love.

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Free Home Assessments

Owner Owned & Operated

Over 20 Years of Experience

Free Home Assessments​

Owner Owned & Operated

Over 15 Years Experience

Manufacturers Warranty​

Manufacturers Warranty

High-Quality Brands

Prompt Project Completion

High-Quality Brands

Prompt Project Completion​

Southern Stairlifts Offers Home Access Walk-In Tubs & Stairlift Solutions

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Having trouble getting up and down your stairs? Are you worried about slipping and falling to access essential parts of your house? Our stairlifts making accessing your stairs a breeze. We offer some of the top brands to custom fit any size stairs. Learn more…

Walk-in Tubs

Are you or a loved one concerned with slip and falls getting in and out of your bathtub? Maybe you need a tub and shower with wheelchair access. No worries, as our therapeutic walk-in tubs and showers can help. Learn more…

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About the company

For over 20 years, Southern Stairlift has helped those with mobility issues and disabilities stay in their home for longer and more safely. Part of our success is in our ability to put our client’s care first. We are dedicated to offering only the best of the best when walking in tubs and stairlifts to ensure each customer gets the quality mobility equipment they deserve.  They are dedicated to only giving the best of the best when it comes to mobility equipment, ensuring that each customer gets what they need at a fair price while also making sure that every client is given personalized attention.

Southern Stairlift is one of the oldest and most respected companies serving people with mobility issues. We offer a wide variety of products that can help you stay in your home longer, without needing to sacrifice quality for cost or vice versa. Southern Stairlift has been helping individuals maintain their independence since 1993 by providing safe access to stairs at an affordable price while never compromising on quality. We’re committed to customer satisfaction and we love putting each customer’s care first by only providing quality equipment for them while also considering every detail from start-to-finish on these projects. Our commitment to excellence means that you can feel confident knowing your new equipment will be dependable and provide better quality-of-life at home!

We proudly serve South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee as the leading Bathroom Remodeler for walk-in tubs and Mobility Equipment Supplier for acorn, brooks, and ameriglide stairlifts. 

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